High voltage motor and cross-shaft voltage

We could certainly classify a high voltage motor into a category where the likelihood of magnetic flux asymmetry is much higher. This results in the fact that there is tension through the shaft and this condition is also referred to as the unipolar effect. Under such a situation in a high-voltage motor, one can imagine a situation where a one-stage effect of a magnetic field occurs. It is also typical for this condition to break the oil coating on both sides of the shaft. Said oil layer is broken at the point between the bearing and the shaft.  

High voltage motor, unipolar effect and characteristic of this situation 

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In the situation described above under the conditions of the high-voltage motor, a discharge current is then created which negatively affects the quality of the oil in the high-voltage motor. It should be noted that such a state of oil is virtually impossible to observe immediately and occurs gradually. Oil of deteriorated quality is present especially during cooling and lubrication. The entire chain of events and effects has the result that the deposit will burn out, causing considerable damage. The situation requires a loss in the form of lost profits as production is stopped and the production process is interrupted. Magnetic flux and asymmetry have several causes. One is the gap in the space between the rotor and the old, which is uneven. Another cause is the magnetic resistance and this occurs in the stator core space. However, the high-voltage motor does not perceive it as a problem until it reaches the limit. Under high-voltage motor conditions, capacitor current is also produced. However, such a current differs from the current produced by the movement of the charge. The capacitor current is produced by discharging and recharging the capacitor. A grounding brush can be installed on the shaft built into the high voltage motor. Due to such an application, the current is drawn along the brush and the advantage is that the shaft is not damaged on the bearing, respectively. to destroy the bearing itself. For this reason, an anti-axial current measurement is part of the high-voltage motor. For more information, visit the website https://vyboelectric.com/.